Frizells of Wakefield Branded Since 1860

Composite Programme

Frizells of Wakefield are best known across the eastern states of Australia for being amongst the first, if not the first, to lead the composite bull revolution. In the early 1970s Charolais were introduced into the Wakefield herd. Bulls such as Sucre, Excalibur, Aga Khan, Mearns Enterprise- in fact most of the early bulls were trialled. We found the Charolais breed fitted ideally into our vealer and steer production programs because of the extra growth and carcase characteristics and now in present times the Charolais breed is recognised as the number one breed for crossbreeding.

Wakefield produces Charolais/Angus and Charolais/Shorthorn bulls as both stabilised lines and F1s and have sold large numbers of these bulls into many different types of cow herds ranging from the coast to western areas and have always had positive feedback. We produce a lot of our composite bulls by embryo transfer so they are from our best purebred or composite donor dams and we put a lot of effort into selecting the right Angus, Shorthorn and Charolais bulls to produce the bulls we want.

Angus sires in use include:
BT Right Time 24J
Mohnen Dynamite

Shorthorn Sires in use include:
Weebollabolla Theodore (P)
Yamburgan Mitibah 5th (P)
Yamburgan Clyde 16th (P)

Charolais Sires in use include:
CS PLD Junction (P)
(for composite bull production)

The bulls are predominantly polled and many carry multiple markers for marbling, tenderness and feed efficiency. They are free moving, robust and highly fertile- do not put them anywhere near your cows unless you want them all in calf!
25% Charolais 75% Angus
25% Charolais 75% Angus
50% Charolais 50% Angus
50% Charolais 50% Angus
50% Charolais 50% Shorthorn
50% Charolais 50% Shorthorn
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